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2019 Phoenix Agreement

Complaints submitted prior to this agreement related to general damages or late implementation of collective agreements will be reviewed and, if resolved, withdrawn. These days of leave are treated as annual leave and are subject to the same rules as those in your collective agreement. If you were still employed on June 12, 2019, you were paid as a current employee and you should have already received additional leave at your bank. These days of leave are treated as annual leave and are subject to the same rules as those in your collective agreement. If you have not received the extra leave at your bank, contact the human resources team in your former department. If you retired from the public service between April 1, 2016 and June 11, 2019, you must apply through the former member procedure. To be eligible for leave in each fiscal year, an employee had to have been employed for only one day in that fiscal year, whether on vacation, on duty or otherwise absent. For example, if you were hired in the federal public service on September 1, 2017 and have been employed ever since, you will receive three days of leave that will be credited to your vacation bank (fiscal years 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20). You are entitled to these vacation bank credits if you have been a member of THE PIPSC or a member of another signatory syndicate during the fiscal years described above.

For the Government of Canada, a fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31 of the following year. If you have already received paid leave from another union`s Phoenix plan for a given year and you also participated in a PSAC bargaining session in the same fiscal year, you are entitled to a difference between the cash equivalent of each vacation day and $300 (the value of one vacation day in the PSAC agreement). If the difference between the cash equivalent of the vacation and $300 is $10 or less, you won`t get the difference. Similarly, if you are the legal representative of a former employee or if you represent the estate of a deceased employee, you can assert a claim on their behalf. If you have worked for at least one day in each of the fiscal years covered by the agreement, you may claim payment of the following amounts: Employees who are entitled to Phoenix compensation negotiated by PSAC and another union cannot receive full compensation from both agreements, nor can employees exchange compensation received from one agreement for another. In other words, an employee who has already received leave with pay cannot repay the leave in exchange for compensation from the PSAC settlement. As a former employee, you can claim a payment equal to the value of the additional leave allocated to current employees, provided that you are entitled to compensation under the Phoenix Compensation Agreement. No.

Phoenix compensation is separate from the new collective agreements, which will be ratified in 2020. However, they were negotiated in tandem to ensure that the full power of collective bargaining could be used to reach the best possible agreement. Yes, this allowance is taxable for the year in which the payment is made. For example, if the cheque is dated December 23, 2019, but you receive it on January 2, 2020, it will continue to count as income for 2019. If, as a current employee, you did not receive additional vacation credits in the summer of 2019, contact your HR specialist. If you have not been a member of THE CSPIP or any other signatory union included in the agreement for at least one day in a fiscal year since 2016-2017, you may not be entitled to the relevant vacation days for that year. No, this regulation is intended to resolve a number of political complaints and complaints from parties to collective bargaining, not a collective agreement. It was signed on June 12, 2019.

The first type of compensation is the general harm caused by the stress, anger and pain caused by the PHOENIX wage system and the late implementation of previous collective agreements. Any current or former employee who meets the eligibility listed below is eligible for this compensation. The Employer agrees to include in this Agreement any compensation measures negotiated with other parties to collective bargaining representing CPA employees that are more generous than those contained in this Agreement […].