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Work Performance Contractor

Understanding what they want The first question you need to ask yourself is: why are they interested in doing this job? „It could be money, the chance to develop new skills, or the opportunity to work with great people,“ says Pink. „What do you give to this person in exchange for making their talent available to your organization?“ Since you won`t know the freelancers as well as your team members, you may need to direct this question to them. („Just asking is a terribly underrated technique in life,“ Pink says). You might say, „Tell me what you hope to get out of this mission.“ Then be sure to deliver that. Build the relationship „It`s fair to say you don`t have to invest as much in a freelancer as you do in an employee,“ King says. But „don`t fall into the trap of making it purely transactional,“ Pink warns. Get to know them by asking them questions about their family, what interests them outside of work, and other projects they`re working on (assuming you`re not their only client). This is especially important if you want to work with this person again in the future. Make them feel like they`re part of the team King`s recent (and yet unpublished) study of freelancers shows that they prefer to work for employers who treat them as part of the team. So try to avoid all the subtle status differentiators that can make entrepreneurs feel like second-class citizens – for example, the color of their credentials or their access to the gym – and be extremely inclusive instead. Invite them to important meetings, have them participate in conversations about water coolers, and add them to the team`s mailing list. Compliance departments in some organizations may be concerned that freelancers are looking too much like employees for legal and tax purposes, and managers should certainly be careful not to go beyond labor laws or HR policies. But King notes, „There`s nothing that says they can`t come to a team dinner.“ The PWS should specify the general requirements of what (result) to do, not how (method) to do it.

The PWS gives the entrepreneur maximum flexibility to develop the best method to achieve the required result. The PWS must be drafted to ensure that all suppliers are in the same competition. The U.S. government must remove all features that could limit a potential provider. The SOO is a document prepared by the government that contains the basic and high-level objectives of the acquisition. It is provided in the application instead of a written statement from the government. In this approach, contractors` proposals include their service descriptions and performance measures and measures (based on proposed solutions). The use of an SOO opens up the acquisition to a wider range of potential solutions. There`s no need to do a formal exam with freelancers („I`m not even a big fan of giving employee performance reviews,“ Pink admits), but that doesn`t mean you should give up on feedback.

Telling them what you think of their work will improve their performance and deepen the relationship. „Plus, most freelancers crave this kind of input,“ Pink says. It can be as simple as spending five minutes at the end of a commitment discussing what went well and what didn`t, but King says the continuous feedback is even better. „Regularly check the service description or contract and clearly determine if they are achieving their goals,“ he advises. „If they`re doing a good job for you, thank them, especially in front of others.“ And if they underperform, don`t beat around the bush. „It`s easy to say or deliver a form, in part because you can start it at any time and you don`t have to feel so bad.“ Sumeet also respects its time. „Independent consultants usually have a lot of other things to do,“ he says. Thus, it is flexible in terms of schedules and ensures that they can meet their other obligations. And he is very conscientious when it comes to paying them immediately.

„Our payment structure is something our entrepreneurs appreciate the most. We pay our freelancers 30 days net, whether the client paid us or not,“ he explains. Still, they make sure to ask questions and understand their goals, habits, and schedules. „I always work collaboratively. Entrepreneurs are people, they have life and they have external requirements. Work flexibly with people and they will work with you,“ he says. Pay them well Don`t think that just because the contractor is a contractor doesn`t mean you should use. They deserve to be treated fairly.

„Pay them the market price,“ Pink says, „and if you enjoy their work, you pay them more.“ Even if you want to test the person before you commit to a big project with them, avoid asking for work on the specification. offer to pay for the time the trial takes. „People talk to each other,“ Pink warns, and you don`t want to risk having a bad reputation. Your company should „strive to be an employer of choice – for regular and 1099 employees.“ When people work for you, you want to please them. But the rules and expectations are different when you manage a freelancer who is not fully employed by your company. What`s the best way to motivate someone you have no formal authority over? How do you keep them interested and excited about the job when they don`t get benefits like bonuses or benefits? Should you give them performance reviews so they know where they stand? What the experts are saying Many managers assume they don`t have to worry about freelancers as much as regular employees — and there`s some truth to that, says Dan Pink, author of Free Agent Nation and Drive. „The relationship is often less tense, less hierarchical and does not come with the same expectations,“ he explains. But that doesn`t mean you can be completely passive. You should always manage them actively and thoughtfully so that you can get their best performance and make sure they want to work with you again.

„There`s a growing war for talent for people with special skills,“ says Steve King, a partner at Emergent Research. Freelancers are often as valuable as full-time employees, so employers need to treat them accordingly. Learn how to successfully manage your relationship with entrepreneurs. (a) In order to ensure reasonable interest and adequate monitoring of all work associated with larger projects, the contractor is required to perform a substantial part of the contractual work with its own resources. .