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Ymca Canberra Enterprise Agreement 2019

What is an Enterprise Contract? A contract of employment is an agreement between an employer and its employees to determine the conditions of a workplace. A company agreement must be approved by the Fair Work Board under the Fair Work Act. A company agreement works alongside the National Employment Standards (NES), which set minimum fees for all employees. A contract of employment replaces the terms and conditions set out in the respective modern price for your employment. Most YMCA employees are subject to one of the following awards: The YMCA Canberra`s current corporate agreement expired on June 30, 2019 and, as you know, the current agreement has been reviewed by the corporate agreement negotiating team and can now be distributed and voted on. We have an 8-day deadline from Friday, March 20, 2020 to Friday, March 27. March 2020 (access period) so that you can take into account the agreement. After the end of the access period, we will vote on the agreement from Monday, March 30 at 9 a.m. to Tuesday.m March 31 at 9 a.m. .m.

with your current email address and cell phone number to receive the voting link. Please click on the links below to access the agreement and the explanatory document. The YMCA Canberra`s current corporate agreement expired on June 30, 2019 and, as you know, the current agreement has been verified and is being verified by the enterprise agreement negotiation team. For discussions or confidential information, please contact Vicki Green, Coordinator of the Ministry of Education and Training, on 02 6185 2025 or by email at vicki.green@ywca-canberra.org.au. The People and Culture team is looking for one. The role is located in downtown Mura Lanyon in the Lanyon Valley, within walking distance of Lanyon Market, and offers free on-site parking. As a human resources and capacity manager, you benefit from complete transparency across all departments of the company. YMCA CORPORATE AGREEMENT 2019 EXPLANATORY DOCUMENT Explanation of Terms and Significant Changes The following tables explain the impact of the proposed agreement. Table 1 provides a quick comparison between the new 2019 agreement and the current 2017 agreement and the cases where sections have been moved or added. The test that the Fair Work Commission must apply to each proposed agreement before it can be approved. canberra.ymca.org.au/enterprise-agreementea/ Company Agreement A legally enforceable agreement that covers the terms and conditions of employment of a group of employees and their employer. (b) negotiations with workers and collective bargaining representatives on the draft Convention; Once employees have voted on a company agreement and before it can come into effect, the Fair Work Commission must approve the company agreement.

The Fair Work Commission will evaluate the company agreement against BOOT before it is approved. The Fair Work Board may ask the YMCA Canberra to change parts or transactions of a company agreement if employees are not better off under the company agreement than under the corresponding modern exchange. The main elements of this process that you need to know are the business negotiations and the process of approving a business contract. Collective bargaining representatives Employers, employees and their negotiators participate in the process of negotiating a draft company agreement. Each employee has the right to be represented by any of his or her choice, including appointment as a negotiator. However, employees cannot appoint someone who is under the control of another negotiator (i.B senior management). A union is automatically a collective bargaining representative if it has at least one member who has not designated someone else as its collective representative. Negotiators, both employees and employers, must negotiate with each other in good faith in accordance with bargaining requirements.

Good faith negotiators must negotiate in good faith in accordance with bargaining requirements, which requires negotiators to: CONTEXT YMCA of Canberra (YMCA Canberra) is in the process of adopting a new company agreement for all Canberra employees. The current company agreement has been in effect since May 28, 2018 and its terms and conditions will be updated through discussions with employees. Based on these discussions, the YMCA of Canberra developed a proposed corporate agreement (proposed agreement), available online at canberra.ymca.org.au/enterprise-agreementea/, and a printed copy available at any workplace. The purpose of this document is to describe what an enterprise contract is, how an enterprise contract affects your employment, what changes to the current enterprise contract have been proposed and what impact these changes will have. It is not necessary for an agreement to be reached in good faith during the negotiations. Approval procedure An employment contract must be voted on by employees, and the majority of those who vote must vote in favour of the company agreement for it to be adopted. The voting process is initiated by the YMCA of Canberra, which decides when negotiations will end and the approval process will be initiated. Before a vote can take place, the YMCA of Canberra must first explain to employees the terms of the company agreement and how it will affect them. The YMCA of Canberra must also ensure that during the 7-day period prior to voting, all employees receive or have access to a copy of the employment contract. Ymca Canberra will inform all employees of the time, place and method used for voting and will provide all employees with details on how to access a copy of the company agreement prior to voting.

This document explains the terms of the employment contract and its impact on employees. This is an opportunity to join a reputable organization with a dynamic team with an inclusive culture. They report to the Education and Training Coordinator and are part of a friendly and highly qualified team. YWCA Canberra is an employer of choice for gender equality, offering flexibility, professional development and the opportunity to be part of one of the ACT`s LONGest organisations. Benefits include for-profit compensation plan options and an employee support program. . You will be challenged and supported to achieve business goals while having direct contact with the CEO to take the company to the next level. YWCA Canberra is an employer of choice for gender equality, offering flexibility, professional development and the opportunity to be part of one of the ACT`s LONGest organisations.

(h) if the company agreement is approved by a vote of the employees, it shall be submitted to the Fair Work Commission for evaluation; and…